And meanwhile, the bipartisan, Democrat-controlled government was bombing North Vietnam and making plans to send 300,000 more troops after the election.


October 16, 1964. LBJ travels to Ohio to continue campaigning. In Cincinnati, he delivers a speech at Government Square:

In an age of peril, when danger lurks across the land, the world respects and the world responds to performance, the effective performance, of a bipartisan system in the American way…

You will not be electing a President alone on November 3d; you will be electing the kind of life that you want to lead and the kind of world you want your children to grow up in. The vote you cast will count as much as the vote you do not cast, for if you fail to vote, your future will be chosen for you.”

LBJ Library photos 416-76-WH64, 416-4A-WH64, 416-30-WH64, 416-104-WH64; public domain. 

Follow LBJ’s campaign route daily with on our On the Road with LBJ map. 


'Freedomways - A Quarterly Journal of the Negro Freedom Movement', New York, 1963-1964.


16 October 1964: China detonated a bomb titled "596" — thus becoming the world’s fifth nuclear power.

The Chinese nuclear program had reportedly been underway for ten years, accelerated from the beginning with cooperation from the USSR.


Collection Highlight

Visitors of the 1964/1965 World’s Fair could tour a full-sized replica of the Santa Maria, the ship Columbus used to sail from Spain to the Americas in 1492, initiating the process of the colonization of the continents by Europeans. Located in the Lake Amusement Area, the 110-ton ship was built in Spain under the guidance of Curators affiliated with the Maritime Museum in Barcelona and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC. The leaflet proclaims, “The Space Age is every day… the search for new frontiers continues throughout time in man’s voyages of discovery.”

 Pamphlet “Santa Maria Space Ship 1492”, 1964, in the Collection on the 1964/1965 New York World’s Fair. Museum of the City of New York.

Chuck Berry, October 1964.
© Photo by Jean-Marie Périer.

Chuck Berry, October 1964.

© Photo by Jean-Marie Périer.

[50]th Year of the Nation of Gods and Earths (Allah’s Five Percent Nation)


Peace and Happy Born Day to the Nation of Gods and Earths. Ths Day 1, from October 10, 1964 for us in the Allah’s 5% Nation. We need to thank Allah The Father and His First Born of Mecca and Medina of Gods and Earths.


Non-Aligned Movement releases report from Cairo Conference

The Non-Aligned Movement came from a group of countries asserting their independence from the “Great Power” world of the Cold War and declaring an alternative set of priorities. These included decolonization, disarmament, and self-determination for colonized peoples.

The NAM formed in 1961 and held its second conference in Cairo, from October 5 to October 10. At the end of the conference, the group approved a report for world release.



Read the full report here.


Opening ceremonies of Tokyo Olympics, 1964


Opening ceremonies of Tokyo Olympics, 1964


Tokyo Olympics 1964, let’s go back to this simplicity and beauty



I’m not saying I agree with this. But wow.